GrMAP: Merchandising Assortment Planning Tool
Every retailer in today highly competitive global retail market is challenged with how to determine the profit maximizing merchandise mix for each geographic location.
With the vast amounts of dynamic demand and supply information available, retailers have to ensure systemic information flow throughout the organisation, supported by strong processes and structures which enable the optimum use of the available information with the right data points, to the relevant people across the organisation.
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Take control of your retail business with powerful insights in merchandise allocation planning
GrMAP is an enterprise-wide merchandise assortment planning and analysis solution for large and mid-size retail organizations. MAP is based on distributed and centralized planning concept.
Know how: GrMAP empowers your retail business with powerful insights.
What advantages does merchandise assortment planning have for your retail business?
Automated Data Import and Export, Increased productivity and Reduced errors
Data Aggregation provided ensures data consistent calculations across all category, product and store areas
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Know how: GrMAP empowers your retail business with powerful insights.
Your retail business needs to adapt to the rapidly evolving global market
In the rapidly changing global market every retail business is vying for intelligent solutions, which gives them the competitive advantage and empowers their business to the next level of growth.

Global views and thought leadership in retail and technologies.
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Know how: GrMAP catapults your Retail business in the global scenario.
Intelligently learn from seasonality, trends & merchandise behaviour
The highly competitive nature of the Retail business demands for quick decision making empowered with intelligent business insights. Assortment and planning decisions are linear and disconnected.
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Know how: GrMAP empowers your retail business with powerful insights.
Innovate Assortment planning
Innovation in the way your retail business is managed is crucial. Retailers need to focus on optimizing their assortments and shaping their offering based on both the merchandise and financial objectives of the products.

Investing in the right products enables the business to increase relevancy with the right set of customers.
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Know how: GrMAP helps innovate across retail business.
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